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Pokémon Rom and Emulator Downloads

Okay, many of the Poképeople of the world have e-mailed me and asked me to put some Pokémon dowloads on my page. So I went ahead and did just that. Below are both Pokémon Red and Blue and also one of the best Emulators you can find for windows called SMYGB.

Okay now for the disclaimer that has to be present to be able for me to put these Roms on my page. You can download these Roms and keep them as a trial ONLY. You must delete them after 24 hours.

Pokémon Roms and Emulator

Pokémon Red

Pokémon Blue

The SMYGB Game Boy Emulator

Okay that's all I have for now. I'll try to find the Pokémon Pinball Rom and put it up and I'll look for some sound clips and stuff to put up. Also I'll try to find a traslated version of Yellow and as soon as Roms come out for gold and silver...well you get the point.

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