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Pokemon is slowly dying out, however, the few of us who still hold onto this sacred piece of the world need information, and that is what my page is here for. My favorite Pokemon, as you can see, is Bulbasaur.

Also e-mail me if you have a picture of a pokémon that you think is just the coolest and I will post it here among others that I will rank among the best pictures.(Make sure that they are either .gif or .jpg files).

Okay my loyal Poképeople, I've decided to put the top three pictures of my choice up on the front of the page. Yes Darth Pikachu will still be up ther only his first place spot has been taken but he will be joined by yet another Darth Pikachu. The first place goes to a scene from the episode where Pikachu falls in love with the Ketchup bottle (I know he doesn't really fall in love with it but he likes it alot.) and then it gets cut open by Scyther.

Taking second is the newest Darth Pikachu picture.

And retaining a place on the front page is the original picture of Darth Pikachu.

My second favorite Pokemon

I've finally gotten it no not the comprehensive guide to all the Pokémon (I'm still workin' on it. Be patient.). My Pokémon Rom and Emulator Download Page. Here you can download and play the Pokémon games on your computer.

Wanna know which pokemon are strong or weak against which then go to my new and complete Battle Chart where you can learn which type of pokemon can withstand the attacks of other types and which will fall to their knees.

Or you can visit my Pokemon Pictures Page where I rank the Pokepictures that people have sent me. I have a few new ones. So e-mail me With more wonderful pictures.

Or better yet, how about going to my friends Best of the Bad Guys Page. Ever want to know in depth facts about different book and t.v. bad guys? Well you'll find them here.

Don't like Sailor Moon? Don't Like RPG's? Well Sailor moon is dead and you can help keep her that way. The people who have signed up for the Rpg that is linked to the banner below, have been mislead by a conniving and underhanded women. Help bring them to their senses. Write the makers of CM and tell them what you think!

The Crystal Millennium

Another GREAT idea would be to vote for me on any of these awards. Come on, you know you want to. If you vote for me: Thanks. If not: I hope you enjoyed my site.

Okay first of all I commend those that actually took the time to come all the way this far down the page. Second, All my music is From FF7. I've gotten numerous E-mail telling me that it isn't Pokemon Music, and I know. But Pokemon midi files really stink right now so I'm using cool music from my favorite game. So enjoy and don't complain. Thanx.

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