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The Pokemon Pictures Page

WOW! That is the only way to describe the flow of pictures that have been coming into my e-mail. You wonderful Pokepeople really care about my site. Thanx for the pictures. Oh, if you sent me a picture that is below please e-mail and tell me so I can mention your name.

The Number One Spot Goes To KetKup for the Bulbasaur picture.

The Number Two Spot Goes to My Cousin for Sending me the Great Picture of Charizard

The Third Place Position goes to Howard Kornblue who sent me all of these pictures.

The Fourth place spot goes to both This Pikachu and this Alakazam. If the persons who sent me these pictures please e-mail me and let me know your name or nick name so I can post it here. Thanx.

Great in and among themselves are the rest of these Pokepictures. View and enjoy. If you need or want any of these pictues just copy them off of the page. I don't mind.

Pikachu is completely awake and thinking about how wonderful all those pictures look so keep sending your pictures.

Thanks to everyone for sending their pokepictures. Don't forget to come back every now and then to check on my comprehensive guide to all the pokemon.

Hurry back to myPokemon Homepage and grab my e-mail address.